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Last blog post I wrote a “how am I doing?” poll. Since then I haven’t returned with a single post. I lost some of the fervor I wanted with the concept because I set some pretty high standards for myself. Sometimes even our best intentions get delayed or postponed. In that time away I also had some very important guests arrive here for their first visit ever. These VIP’s were my parents! And so, I have had some distractions and some pretty irksome expectations that drew my interest away from this blog. From this point forward, I would like to make this blog a place for all of my interests including the primary focus.

Following in that vein, I like to announce that I, along with a friend, have started a local book club; Utrecht Book Club. I am really enthusiastic about the prospect of this new group. I love to read books and discuss them. But in my little village, there aren’t many clubs for English speakers though I have met a great deal whom speak and read English here. Typically, we must find our way up to Amsterdam to participate in such a simple endeavor. Thus, we thought this would be a great way to meet people and find a little international community here in Utrecht. I hope it is a success!

I will report more on this in the coming months.


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  1. Wish this club was started earlier, while I was there… but then I didn’t have any time to read! And now I do, but I’m not there! Congrats for pioneering this, Susan!

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