National Novel Writing Month a.k.a. NANOWRIMO

Since I moved to the Netherlands, I have participated in this 30-day marathon or challenge of getting 50,000 words or more on paper. It is a thrill ride. Some people don’t understand the merits of such a thing. I often hear at the end, “are you going to publish it?” well how many authors do you know that can complete a work of ART in 30 days. Probably not many, if at all. This is about creative abandon and getting into your own world and imagination. It’s really a freeing thing to do. Almost like being a kid again though writing seems to be a pursuit of adults. I see more and more people tapping into this great thing called writing. It’s remarkable to be able to create something from scratch without a lot of resources and call it your own. Writing allows for that. I don’t need some fancy paint brushes or a special canvas to get started. I really just need paper and pen, if I want to go old school (which I did last year and would not recommend for such a contest). But think of it, YOU could do it. You could start now and still finish on time. I believe you don’t have to be a “writer” to get involved. You just have to start.

Happy Nanowrimo to all my fellow writers out there!


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