Nano – No no’s and my progress

Over the last week I’ve made some good progress with my novel-writing. I’m up to 8,210 words. But that means I’m behind in daily word count [yesterday I should have been at 10,000]. The good people at Nanowrimo really spell it out for you on how much you should do per day. They even have these nifty graphs to show your stats of when you will finish 50,000 words. Based on my current count I will finish on December 6th.

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I can blame only myself since for three days I didn’t write. One of the 3 days I had an awesome class with an editor out of Dallas who taught us great things on how to get published. Such great tips that I have become completely trapped and now I can’t write. Its brought out the raging EDITOR in me. I’ve found that I have been doing some big NO NO’s also. That is, reading back what I wrote and editing. This doesn’t seem like a serious offense but in this game, it is. You really should just keep focusing forward and not worry about context, grammar, and other such nasty things until AFTER November. When I peaked at what I wrote last week, I was really pleased. This is a story that just fell right out of me. Though I have nothing in common with an SS officer, I feel I can write endlessly from his point of view and it feels natural. I have great back story on each of the two characters I’ve created. But now for some reason I can’t push forward with that natural ease that I had days ago. I know what is happening, I am thinking about what a publisher might see. Who would read this, if ever? Does my plot flow? Is everything sounding cliché?

This is why you never should read back your material until you reach the goal of 50,000. Once you let in the critic its impossible to get her to stop. “Oh! are you really going to write that? Well, I guess that works though it doesn’t sound good.” “Is that really the direction you wanted to go with this story? Seems a bit boring.” I hope I can switch it off soon. If any of you out there have some nifty suggestions please send me a comment!


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