Writing frenzy achieved!

I have to say I just was given the most valuable tool to get me back-on-track in the National Novel writing month! I am nearly caught up and I believe I will be ahead later on today. It’s so good I thought I should share with everyone who is also doing this crazy write-a-thon.

Write or die tool

In the span of one hour, I’ve written nearly 3000 words. This tool will NOT allow you to stop. I did a test run for 15 minutes with a goal of 500 words. I surpassed it by 300 words. I also put the setting to medium control. For my second round I made the word count and threats higher. It really did wonders. Hope this helps everyone!


2 thoughts on “Writing frenzy achieved!

  1. Hmmm… I don’t need to spend $9.99 to get introuble for writing. My husband does that enough already Tee Hee. “Get over there and fold that laundry”. Whatever. He’ll be happy when I’m published and it makes money.

    Looks like fun, though!

    • Oh, Jennifer, I totally agree. I didn’t download or pay for this application. If you go to the website and on the left side column there is a web application. I use that and its free! You select your word count goal, the minutes you can do it in, and then the settings on punishment: consequences and grace period. The creator’s name is Dr. Wicked, after all. The screen flashes red and I guess there is music though I have yet to hear. If you set it to kamikaze electric shock/evil mode you will get punished with words being eaten. <–This one motivates me the most! Have fun!

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