All things considered.

The title is a reference to NPR [National Public Radio]. That was one of my favorite radio channels on long car drives to visit family in Michigan from Washington D.C. This drive would be 12 hours long and usually I drove alone. Talk radio would save me because someone was talking to me sort of like a surrogate passenger & companion. In these hours, I was given the opportunity to hear some of the best storytellers. Garrison Keillor is one of the finest with his program, A Prairie Home Companion . He uses all the old radio program techniques to convince the listener of the action taking place. It is an extraordinary thing to experience. And now there’s Ira Glass with This American Life program which is equally entertaining. I’m thinking about these radio shows because of two reasons.

The first reason is simple. I recently lost my IPod. Yes, it’s slowly becoming obsolete but for me, it was my running partner. I would download one of the above programs and run for an hour. I wouldn’t even feel the run because the stories would pull me in immediately. Stories I would never seek out otherwise. The other reason is because I’m writing a novel in 30 days. It’s helpful to do this by thinking like a storyteller. When I am writing I think about how Garrison or Ira tell their stories. I try my best to do the same. Sometimes I find I am talking aloud as I type. It’s embarrassing to admit this but hey, it’s a crazy 30 days. This is just one way that helps me to keep the keys tapping a little more fervently.