12 Weeks

Before November, I started a creative recovery process through a well-known book named, The Artist’s Way; A Spiritual path to higher creativity by Julia Cameron. Every time I set out to do this 12 week process, I get distracted. In this book there is a little contract page whereby you fill out your name, the date and your signature. I have committed 3 times and never once completing the whole program!

It got me thinking about last month and how every year I successfully complete 50,000 words. I want to continue working in that creative space but with purpose. I believe its more fruitful to your efforts if you put your goal out there and show some accountability. This is my intention. I am beginning again with the purpose to complete this process with an audience. I will update every week something new I learned, an exercise I worked on, or a new perspective I’ve gained. In this way I believe it will help me work through the ugly process of editing my novel in the coming months and seek out more creativity.