Week One – Artist’s way

Each week, I will post an update with my progress on The Artist’s Way journey. This week’s theme was: RECOVERING A SENSE OF SAFETY. Creativity must have the support from others. When you create anything in your life it becomes your “baby”. You care for it. You love it. You watch it grow into things you never knew it could. Its precious. Because its precious it also is fragile. Therefore exposing you to a great many vulnerabilities.

We ALL have felt these pangs at one time or another in our lives. It doesn’t even have to be something “artistic” to mean a great deal to you. In this week I was to explore when someone put my work, or me, down for something I created. It is a difficult process but a necessary one. I wrote one short essay on the time when someone made fun of a poem I wrote in high school. I really was in love with that particular poem because of how well it described my feelings. It was hard to remember this but important as well. Often I find myself holding back in my writing for fear of someone ridiculing me. This blog, for example, has gone through its own ups and downs because of that fear. I believe I aim for perfection simply to avoid the criticism. Why should it matter? It definitely is something worth working through. It helps to have encouragement to keep you going. But it’s also about responding to another thing that has nothing to do with being a perfect writer or artist or dodging someone else’s expectations of great. It’s about creating. The more you practice the better the creations. There are a number of tools Julia Cameron uses for me to tap into safety. One is to write three pages every morning (which outside of this process I have always done). Another one is to use an affirmation. She gives 20 examples in this chapter. As I read through them I found the one that encourages me to keep on going.
As I create and listen, I will be led.