Week 2

Week Two – Recovering a sense of Identity

This week is about protecting yourself from harmful environments. There are many gems in this chapter that I think anyone can learn from. One such quote that I gained a lot from was the following:

“As a blocked creative, we focus not on our responsibilities to ourselves, but on our responsibilities to others. We tend to think such behavior makes us good people. It doesn’t. It makes us frustrated people.” page 43.

This speaks so loudly to the person I believe I am most of the time. I feel selfish for taking time away from others to focus on myself. This process is about faith and doing the work. Julia Cameron also speaks to several other things, people, and situations that can take you away from your recovery. She makes it very clear that you have to build a protective space for yourself to not allow for these things to distract you.

As usual, there are several exercises to gain this sense of identity back such as: Write 5 lives you would like to have, use affirmations everyday in your morning pages, create a life pie to discover where you are lacking and so on. Mostly this chapter inspired a small story from me that sent me a message about how we can safely create the life that we want. It needs a little work but I may post it in a few days.