Week Three

Okay so here it is a whole month later. I have gone back and forth for about a week on how to address my next post. I had worked up a nice little piece over the whole idea of social media and anonymous audiences. I scrapped it because I was just simply mad at myself for not writing anything. True, I had technical issues going on in February. Also true is that I dislike writing on an IPad and squashed writing again. But my laptop has been restored, HALLELUJAH, but my motivation was not.

Oddly when I look at Chapter/Week Three of this book [ahem, The Artist’s Way] I have to laugh. Its entitled, A sense of POWER. When everything in the world was getting in the way of it. I will say that the emotional roller coaster you do go through is very accurate here. They are; ANGER, SHAME, JOY, and GRIEF. Often we are not supported in creative pursuits so we carry little voices in our heads holding us back telling us “you can’t write” or draw, or paint, etc…

I am happy to say that by working with this book and a fantastic writing group every month, I’ve decided to jump into my “power”and submit a piece of my work for review and critique. I have taken tiny steps towards this pursuit over the last year. One thing I do not know is, am I any good? I want to know if I am creating a good solid story line. If I am maintaining consistency with my characters. How am I on plot building? Where are my weaknesses and my strengths? You can’t always write in a vacuum. Its not like I get critical acclaim for writing a blog post. I need criticism and guidance to become better. I believe once I’ve gotten over this fear of sharing my draft with others, there will be only upward momentum!