*photo credit: http://www.tvline.com

I thought this was an appropriate title.  Here is why.  I’ve been away for awhile and I have a lot of catching up to do (if you are one of my 11 or so faithful readers then you know this is a typical SS move).  I feel really inspired to keep writing here but recently I’ve had a few distractions (soon to be explained in one of the sweep posts coming up).  Sweeps is a term used in the television industry to bump up ratings and hike up viewership (or in my case, readership).  I’m not looking for popularity but I do want to get my activity going again.   You usually never know what you are gonna get with a “sweep” episode so in kind you should expect surprises and cliff hanger-type deliveries from me.  I hope you enjoy my self-imposed “sweeps” month!