Things that got lost along the way.

I think some primary things should be discussed next on my blog.  Front and center is the lost project I have begun and never regained any momentum on.  Namely, The Artist’s Way project from the same titled book by Julia Cameron.  I think that the only project I really was able to focus on was my wedding*.  It was planned in roughly 3 months!  I began the AW project just at the kick-off of this world wind wedding planning.  If you hover over to my Gravatar you will discover I live in a foreign country.  This creates an added level of intrigue to planning process!  Since we are on sweeps month, I will fill you in on these lovely insights and details.  I think I am on the safer side of it all since the wedding was two months ago.

But, I digress.   In addition to losing sight of my AW project, I also lost an opportunity to see the lovely Julia Cameron who came to  our area to give a speech AND a workshop!  Yes, its true,  she was but a mere ten minute train ride away from my doorstep and I could not make it*. 😦  I hope she returns again in the future.  I also hope that one day I complete the 12 week AW process.  But that time is, apparently, not now.

* – More to come on this subject in another post.


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