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scholarship examinations, 16 April 1940. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Allow me to address one those * from my last post.  As I mentioned, I missed a great opportunity to see Julia Cameron in early May.  The reason was pretty simple.  I was preparing for a four part language exam know as the Staatsexamen NT2 Programma II.  For a great description of this test, I am going to refer you to fellow blogger:  Clogs and Tulips.

For the last two years,  I have been in/out of Dutch courses, gone to 3 different language schools,  all in the effort to one day pass this exam.  It is a requirement of my residence permit.  No one has really explained to me what happens if you refuse to take the test OR  if you should fail it.  But I do know if I pass it I can put on my resume that I know Dutch at this specific level.  So its worth it!  Think of the job opportunities!!

Last week, I took this test in four parts: writing, speaking, reading and listening.  It is given in a very controlled environment (no cell phones allowed!) with people looking over your shoulder and through your dictionaries to make sure there is no funny business going on.  They even provide you with a pen that you must use on the test.  My results for these tests will come in late June.  If you fail one part you are allowed to retake it again.  I am hoping for the best result which is a full pass.  Though I am not so sure.  After each test I reviewed all that I did and I think its anybody’s guess what I might have achieved or failed.


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