A word of thanks

Yesterday we celebrated our friends with a thank you brunch. They did a lot to help us get down the aisle. It is the most important part of our relationship; that we both value our friends. If it weren’t for friends we would have never met, or stayed together, or even get married. We truly appreciate them.

This specific group did everything from making a four-course meal, a beautiful cake, creating a beautiful atmosphere, directing the events and people for the day, making a video in our honor, taking gorgeous pictures, making outstanding personal invitations, lending us their homes for visiting family, and so much more. I think it made our wedding day so special and always memorable for the both of us. I don’t know if a brunch sufficed. I feel I could give these people so much more than just food and a gracious word. It’s wonderful to have so many people in our lives that care for us in such a way. I will always be grateful for how they made our day perfect!