Making good on old promises.

kreativ blogger award

kreativ blogger award (Photo credit: jrberry63)

One thing has really been bothering me since the start of this Sweeps month is that I never made good on my Kreativ Blogger Award.  Part of accepting such an honor is to pick six more bloggers that I decide are creative and then in turn they must pay it forward.   So read between the lines, people, don’t send a chain letter to me if you don’t want it broken! ha ha ha.  Okay that is a slightly different thing but I want to do this one right.  It costs nothing but a little time and research.  The main reason I gave myself for this delay was that I didn’t have enough followers to sift through.  Jennifer M. Eaton is the blogger that awarded me with it.  She has quite a few followers.  I naturally thought I must have that as well.  Well, no, I can just go out there and find them.  I’m giving myself until next Monday to send out the award to six unsuspecting bloggers that I either find new or already follow.