The 6 winners of the Kreativ Blogger award are…

1. The Sonia Show – I just love her sarcasm and wit. She is creative in the way she expresses motherhood, her struggle with breast cancer, and all things related to San Francisco.

2. The Concert Blog – For musical buffs, or not, you can really learn new ways of cultivating your music genius by reading this blog. Find out the many different ways to promote and explore your musical talents!

3. She’s a Maineiac – Here’s another funny lady. Her writing almost always find me laughing. She is creative on the topics she decides to select and makes every inch of each post entertaining.

4. Leeswammes – Her book tastes range from the Dutch to the English language.  Her book reviews offer you a good insight on each book without giving out spoilers.  Also, she reserves her opinion in a separate part of the post.  Though, I’ve found her ratings to be dead-on (accurate) on how the book reads.

5. Clogs and Tulips: An American in Holland – If you are considering a move to The Netherlands and you want to know what it is like from an actual expat, I suggest you check out this blog!  She is very good at describing the life here in a way that is very relatable.

6. Clotildajamcracker –  I just learned about this site via her own willingness to click LIKE to a few of my posts.  Her blog concept has a creative twist.  I will let you discover exactly what that is when you go to visit it (you will see it immediately under the title).   Not only is the concept fresh and different but I also love her  creative illustrations that she has in each of her posts.

Well its a day late but not a dollar short.  Now each of these bloggers must adorn their own websites with the Kreativ Blogger Award badge,  select 6 new blog winners, and tell ten things about themselves!  Happy hunting and awarding!  I hope you can find your 6 bloggers faster than I did.

Kreativ Blogger Award

Kreativ Blogger Award (Photo credit: jiihaa)