Hometown fireworks

This past weekend my little hometown of Bay City, Michigan had celebrated the 4th of July in a spectacular celebration of fireworks.  This year marked the 50th anniversary.  Of course being somewhat bias I have to say never have I ever seen such a good display of fireworks anywhere.  Now, keep in mind, I lived in D.C. for 7 years. The two events just don’t compare, in my opinion.

For years, Bay City could boast that they were the biggest display of fireworks in the Midwest.  I really can’t say for sure of the accuracy of that fact but our town certainly would swell up with loads of RV’s and campers all stationed along the side of the river for the 3 night event.

Last night was the Grand Finale which is always the best show out of the three. This time they shot off 50,000 fireworks in honor of the anniversary.  I really wished we could have witnessed this event.  Originally, we were planning our wedding for the coming week.  Therefore we would have been in town for it.  I am hoping we won’t miss next year!