I’ve been struggling with my cats recently. In truth, they are driving me crazy!! Since I’ve moved here we have had struggles with their territorial “tinkling”. We addressed this with a few modifications in the house. Of course, we assumed its because there was a new person living in the house – ME – who also spoke another language (as IF it matters to them). In any case, we resolved it. Then this problem would come up again and again and again each time marking a new event, person, or season which would serve as the excuse for this swell of misdemeanors. I wouldn’t be pleased but I would get through it with a spray bottle in hand and a lot of paper towels! As they say, the times they are a-changing. I am now 8 months pregnant and with each swipe of a paper towel I think this is not a sanitary environment for our child. When we do a clean up it’s a three-part process so it’s not that we don’t do our best. The issue is…who has this kind of time to be scrubbing after cats!

Recently, I visited a friend of mine with a 2 week old baby boy. He is adorable! In my few hours visit I marked how many times she was either feeding him, changing a diaper and/or changing his clothes, etc… This is normal, of course. I started to thinking about this. Um, there is no time to be on Tinkle patrol. They are sure to have attacks or setbacks with yet another human in the house. Not to mention one so small with no language skills.

Over the months, we have had some discussions on this and other things involving the cats and the baby. We recently had a vacation and while away a friend stayed here to maintain them. But she decided to shut the bedroom door when she was sleeping. We decided to continue closing the door because usually we allowed them to sleep right on the bed with us. It was sad for a while but we sleep better now. We suffered through the usual tinkle fest because someone else was watching them and we changed their territory borders but it went away after a few days. Then like a bad dream it came BACK with a vengeance so fierce I could not take it anymore! They upgraded to kitchen counters, tables, and walls. I lost it and envisioned myself with a knife running around the house after each one! Okay that is a bit dramatic but then again so are pregnancy hormones. I do love our cats. They are usually easy-going cats who still like to play in their old age of 12. If they could only just use the proper assigned facility for their tinkling we would all be happier. We could live in co-existence with peace and serenity. Ok, lets not go overboard.

This problem is wearing us down. When I went cat-killer-crazy the other day, my husband’s response was, “Then we just get rid of them.” I know a little piece of our hearts die each time either of us declare this. The next day, I did some research and I discovered some new things that, for now, we will say is the cure. Our first mistake was using a disinfectant with ammonia. Apparently the smell reminds them of tinkle and so…they tinkle. Using a citrus based disinfectant is key to warding them off from areas where you don’t want them to tinkle. Using aluminium foil in areas that are hard to clean up also helps since they do not like the texture. The stage is set and the test is on. If this doesn’t work I guess we could call Cesar, the Dog Whisperer, to see if he can make an exception!

Have you had these issues with your cats? Did you try something that worked? Please share with me what you did in the comments!