Going camping!

Well I only have 5 weeks left of my pregnancy and I am getting antsy.  So what do I do?  I sign up for a writing contest!  Seems logical right?

For three years now I have been participating in the original National Novel Writing Contest (aka NANOWRIMO) contest which takes place in November.  The Camp version is a continuation of the same idea.  Write a novel, 50,000 words in 30 days (well, 31 in August).

Its been on my mind lately that I need a swift kick in the pants to get the writing juices going again.  I’ve been working on my piece from last November with a friend every two weeks.   Since vacation I’ve had no motivation to write.  I think I am bored my story.  So much so that I have decided on something new to do for this Camp Nanowrimo.  I have a short story I created in January or February from a game in one of my writing group sessions.  I would like to make it into something more.  It’s a Children’s Lit story.  The idea is really about having a special storybook for Cupcake (working title of our unborn child).  I am already working out details in my mind.  Good thing Camp starts tomorrow.