slowing down

I have three weeks left in my pregnancy.  So, I have been slowing down on everything.  We have a whole new upstairs thanks to the hard work of my husband; new floors, new painted walls and recycled floating shelves.  I began organizing things last week with my mother-in-law.  I still can find a number of things we still need to do and know.  But for now, my body wants a lot of rest.  This puts a major halt on Camp Nanowrimo and the 30 day photo project*.  Getting the floors and wash done are my major successes these days.

Today for a little exercise I went for a walk to return an overdue book to our local library.  By the time I got back I was exhausted.  I think it’s the pregnancy, of course, but also we have been suffering under some humidity for the last two days.  It’s a little strange to think I could run 9 Kilometers this time last year and now I can’t walk more than a fraction of it.  I have enjoyed sharing my body with a new little person but I do miss being in good condition.  That feeling you can do anything kinda fades when you can’t climb a set of stairs without huffing and puffing.

*As for the 30 day photo contest, I realize now what makes it easy.  Having a smart phone.  You always have it on hand and its a simple button push.  In another day or so I will get my very first one.  We felt it a “smart” idea with having a new baby to have an easy way to take pictures!  Also, I think I would like to make a different list of objects as I struggled to find some of the images the original author intended.