Lots of cleaning. No sleeping. Just waiting!


WATCH OUT for the crazy cleaning lady!!
*photo credit: http://community.i-do.com.au

So its 6 days until I am officially due to have this baby.  I was hoping the baby would cooperate and come early so I could surpass this ugly time of waiting.  It rules your life!  Here are some of the “symptoms” I have had during the wait period.  Front and center, the Nesting phase.  Supposedly this makes you become an Extreme home makeover cleaning lady!  Yesterday was such a day.  It’s not just cleaning.  It’s cleaning with A.D.D. (because us pregnant ladies can’t concentrate so well).  For example, I will begin a simple task of vacuuming and see out of the corner of my eye a place that needs severe dusting.  Oh no!  Must tackle that!  I immediately put the vacuum down to get that one spot with spray bottle and wash cloth.  This spot morphs into reorganizing a whole book shelf so I can attack ALL the dust that is hiding from view.  This morphs into sorting which, let’s face it, is an easy job to walk away from so I go back to vacuuming to make way for floor washing.  This went on all day.  You can imagine that this would be exhausting but somehow no, it was just not enough.  Later, when I went for a “nap”, I took a new bag of gifted second-hand clothes and set up everything on the bed to, yep, sort through them!  My back just needed a little break from dusting, etc…   Now, you would think having a day of cleaning Olympics would give a woman with a huge belly some exhaustion but no, not this gal.  We settle down for bed and I can not find a good resting position or rest my mind from all the dust I still did not get.  Enter second symptom of waiting for labor:  Not able to sleep at night.  For a few nights now I will get up to go the bathroom and end up hanging out with the cats on the couch to read one of the many books about how labor starts.  Praying that I have all the symptoms and soon it will really start.   Last night was the longest I’ve been up so far – 2 hours.  It feels strange to be out of bed in the middle of the night and away from my husband.  In my single days this wouldn’t be an issue for me but now I just feel weird.  He worries too.  I always reassure him before going downstairs,  “nothing is wrong or happening, I just can’t sleep.”  No need for him to not sleep.  One of us must get some before the baby comes.  Luckily today I am having a crash and burn day so now its time for a nap.  I really hope I don’t go past the due date.