It’s October, already?

She is here! We welcomed our little girl Evelijn into the world on September 5th.  I went two days later than my actual due date.  Though, the fun started in the middle of the night on Monday.  The whole experience was amazing and really, not as painful as I imagined.  But then, I discovered something about myself in this journey to motherhood; according to my midwife, my husband, my home nurse, and a handful of others, I have a HIGH threshold for pain.  That is not to say there wasn’t some major moments of extreme pain and some moments that I wish I was not a part of:  desperation and pleading.  I feel those could have been avoided if I had not been asked to lay on my back and side for a certain part of delivery.  THAT, people, is painful.  It’s not a natural way to have a baby either.  In those sleepless nights before the delivery, I became an expert on this subject.  You really should take it from me (note my sarcasm and humor here).  But hey, I did read a lot about birthing positions, how the muscles work, etc…  Everything points to standing and/or squatting to deliver a baby.  One thing’s for sure, you may have a plan for birthing your child but you should always expect it to be changed at some point.  Overall, it was an amazing experience and I was able to accomplish it without any medical intervention.  I am proud of myself, my husband (who was a WONDERFUL coach throughout the entire experience), my midwife and, of course, our little girl.