National Novel Writing Month is here again!

Well, it’s almost here again, November.  This means its time to get fired up and ready to embark on the 50,000 word journey known as Nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month!  In August, I attempted Camp Nanowrimo.  I guess that last month of pregnancy makes you think you can do anything.  I got 2,000 words into a new genre that didn’t agree with me.  So it was a fail.  Truth is,  I don’t really like the Camp style of Nanowrimo.  The design of the original November write-a-thon is just fine with me.  The difference between the two is simple as far as I can see.  In the November one, you have less days than the August one.  In the Camp version, they put you in a cabin with other like-genre members whereby you are set in a chat room for the duration.  THIS was a big turnoff for me.  They coupled me with people who live in California.  Any of our chats together just would never sync because of a 9 hour time difference.  A few of my fellow writing group buddies joined me for this journey and we all felt the same.  We don’t need a “cabin”of  assigned cohorts to keep us motivated.  Honestly making my own buddies and watching their progress on the dashboard is all I need to keep me competitive and motivated to the end.  “Oh {fill in name here} is up 5,000 words on November 2nd?  Well, I will show her/him!  I am going to do 6000 words!”.  It’s a silent competition.  I’m sure {fill in name here} gives no thought to my word count.  She/He is just truly inspired.  Let the games begin!


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