Hello 2013

2013_stopwatch_620x350Okay, so, I have been dreaming about writing a post for a week or more. Time moves a lot differently when there is a baby involved in your daily routine.  Suddenly showers become like a mini-spa treatment because if you find the time to have one you enjoy it just as much. I’m not speaking about anything new in the world of motherhood. It’s just new for me.  I’m managing well enough and I’m learning a lot.  I also have a wonderful baby.  She has been sleeping through the night (roughly 8-11 hours) since she was 2 months old.  I’m careful not to brag.  We know many people who suffer still at getting a restful night.  But since she is sleeping, the daytime naps tend to be a harder sell.  More so since we’ve returned from our holiday trip from the US.  She didn’t suffer from jet lag, amazingly.  But it appears she loved the constant influx of people who were around.  Now, it’s just her and me.

And so, its taken me awhile to get back here because of this drop in her audience.  I don’t know how often it will happen that I am able to post but I’m making a big push for writing this year.  Last year I did begin to get somewhere but my usual contests, Camp Nanowrimo and Nanowrimo were an abysmal fail.  First year for that.  It didn’t help that in November our laptop completely died.  I am happy to report that Santa or Sinterklaas was good to us and brought us a new laptop.  We just upgraded to Windows 8.  So now I have the tools and I’m working on some time.  I hope to be more present this year with my updates.