The last 30 of 30.

Today marks the last 30 days of my 30’s.  It seems great and strange all at once.  It will mean, officially, that I will be middle-aged (depending on what resource you check).  This depends on how much longer I live.  But if we go with the average (again depending on your resources) that is eighty.  I hope by making healthy choices, meditating, and being nice to people I can make that number grow to ninety.  But we won’t know until I get there.  So I have to resign myself to the stats and say its my time to be middle-aged.

As unpleasant as that sounds it is also refreshing.  I know that the first forty were fun but now I am on the “back” forty.  Here I have more choices in what I want.  I  look at it this way.  The first 20 were all about development.  The second set of 20 were about becoming an adult.  These next forty, well, it’s up to me.  And so far in these forty I get to spend with my husband and we get to watch our child grow.  Hmm…40 is already looking pretty good!