craving to create

I’ve been in a state of “life review” for a few weeks now.  My last post should give an indication as to why.  But since its been awhile I will help out.  I’ve one more week of my thirties.  Oh no, I’m not sad.  These last ten years have taught me some valuable lessons that I should have probably learned in my twenties.  I finished the thirties out with a wonderful husband, partner, and friend and a lovely little girl!  A dream truly come true for me.

There are still things on my “vision board” or my quest of self discovery.  So I have this craving to create.  Recently I started a new project with a fellow writer.  Its wonderful to be writing again in any capacity.  I have not made it out to a single writing workshop in the year 2013 and its bringing me down a bit.  I am a new mother.  It has been busy understanding her needs and balancing out a daily routine.  The first year, from what I’ve read, can be chaotic because of all the growth spurts and changes.  But you do need to fill your cup from time to time otherwise you become a raging mess.  In this month, I am working on getting back into shape with some classes every week and looking for little opportunities where I can write.  That is a bigger challenge than getting fit will be.  Ahh…there goes my alarm clock (aka, the baby is crying).  Until the next opportunity arises.