well, hello there

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my new blog, Great Love Expat-tations.  Over there I talk more about things related to the struggles and triumphs of living in a foreign country.  I use to do that here but over time it has lost some focus or consistency because I didn’t know what to write.  I am still wondering if posting here has any relevancy.  Today, I thought, yes I will give it some attention and I will see where it takes me.  Let’s get re-acquainted. Shall we?  

Over several months I have been really working towards a more healthier, soulful way of living.  I guess I notice for myself the quality of life is better when I take a breath and look at all the wonderful things around me.  My husband and my daughter are at the top of the list!  I just can’t contain my happiness when I see them together on the couch or on the bike.  Or when we all sit down at the dinner table.  It makes life so much sweeter to know I have them.  Always!  Okay sorry for the gushing but its going somewhere, I promise.  Since becoming a mother I became completely aware of many broken things within myself.  Things that don’t actually reside in my present day or moment of living.  Its simply stuff stuck in my head.  Its garbage that I wish to remove from my behavior patterns so that I do not pass onto my child these “habits” or anxieties.  This is basis of my journey. Though, I’ve been working on it for a few years now.  Before meeting my husband, and AFTER a bad relationship had ended, I had to face some stuff.  But I realize some of that bad stuff traveled with me and was never actually healed.   As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Change your thoughts, change your life.”  I have a life filled with proof of that statement.  But I still have work to do.  It’s the beauty of being a human.  We can fix those broken parts and become whatever we want to be.  We all have off days, repetitive thoughts, nasty little judgements of ourselves and others that we wish would go away or that we wouldn’t have.  I have been really reaching within myself to find out why I think a certain way or feel the way I do.  I am surprise to find that most of it comes from so long ago that it’s totally ridiculous to keep hanging onto it.  Its time to let those things go, forgive, and move forward.  Its becoming easier.  As I do so I am learning to trust myself and my inner guidance more.  I let go of over-thinking my writing, what others may think of me, or if its “good enough”.  I simply just let it come.  What I noticed, over on the other blog, that when I write straight from the heart its reaches more people.  I had dinner with a friend last night who quoted a part of my blog to me.  This made me feel amazing.  The fact that my words were helpful to her made all the difference.  It just says to me that we are more alike than we ever realize.

Well, its time to pay my bill and head home to my family.  I will drop in again soon.  

Have a great weekend!