Can I have some sugar with that coffee?

About two weeks ago I began a little experiment with myself.  I gave up Coffee AND Sugar.  That’s right, it was voluntary.  It is also thrilling to try this when raising a little one who is on the verge of walking.  Nonetheless I forge on.  I quit smoking cold turkey and haven’t looked back.  That was four years ago. Now I’m one of those annoying non-smokers who hates the smell of smoke.  But if you knew me when I was the girl with two packs in her purse ALL the TIME then you know this was quite a mountain for me to climb.  Therefore I look at this as the next logical step in my progression to being a cleaner, healthier adult.

I have been doing some research on what is good for you and well, what is not.  I’ve read diets ranging from cancer survivors life saving diets to the new hip diet.  The Paleo Diet is the newest trend setter and one my sister enjoys a lot of benefit.  Apparently there is a project coming to the Netherlands from the US called the Whole30.  This is a detoxification month to get you going into the Paleo diet [its tough!].   I also read a lot on this diet website Crazy Sexy Life by Kris Carr.  She survived Stage Four cancer that was incurable.  She has a truly amazing story.  What occurred to me is that both of these diets show how truly unconscious we’ve become to what exactly we put in our mouths.

While I was pregnant I had to watch every little thing that was going in.  Often I would say to my husband, “Oh am I allowed to eat this?!”   This is probably the only other time that I did this except for when I did Weight Watchers ten years ago.  But then I wasn’t really watching the food as much as the points/calories.  Or more recently another Dutch version of WW that was so unbelievably strict that I question its health benefits.  But should the goal be to lose weight to suit some disproportionate perspective on what we should look like  (aka a model in a magazine) or should it be about giving the right kind of fuel to your body so it can operate throughout the day?  I have been seriously giving this some thought for more than a few months now.

When you engage in any kind of conversation about diets and/or food with anyone you will find some intense reactions.  People are really identified by the food they eat!  If we are that passionate then shouldn’t we read the labels and find out what it is that we love so much?  Well, I’m not setting out to change the world via diet and food.  It truly is a personal choice. My choice was to take a slight detour off of the two diets listed above and take away what I think I need and don’t need in my daily life.  Sugar has been a part of my whole life.  The more I read about it the worse I feel about consuming the stuff.  Coffee has become my vice to replace the smoking.  But I got to thinking about it, what if I could gain that morning energy in a better way than relying on that first cup?  How about I let my body “wake up” a bit before she has to get to work?  Maybe a little water and then some tea?  What about trying something new for breakfast that will actually fuel me to get going?  Over the last ten days what I came up with was this:  Absolutely no sugar or artificial sweeteners of any kind.  I can eat fruit, honey, coconut milk.  All of which can be added to dishes to add sweet flavor, if needed. There have been a few slips because I didn’t take the time to read.  No coffee ever.  This has been replaced with Green tea and/or English breakfast.  I also have been enjoying a morning smoothie or Green Juice.  Usually the main ingredient being Spinach.   We just finished celebrating my daughter’s first birthday and I will admit that I had a cupcake and a few bites of the cake that my husband made.  It was still good but I didn’t need another any more.  Have I failed my diet?  If you are playing by a rule book then yes I definitely have.  But I am not on a diet.  I have only chosen to eat more consciously.  And that gives me a lot more power than any diet ever could.


2 thoughts on “Can I have some sugar with that coffee?

  1. Omg the timing of your blog is so crazy! And I have started my own healthy eating too!! Two days ago, I just decided it was time. I’m starting a workout with my healthy changes, too. I just want to feel better. U r so right about sugar tho! Evil!!

    Oh, try raw veggies for breakfast! Sounds strange, but after a few days u end up loving it. Green peppers, mushrooms, broccoli!

    One more thing to share, have u tried introducing more beans in your diet? Yum! I love this too. Bought a crap load of kidneys. And bulgar replaces my pasta. No breads. That’s to help me feel less bloated.

    Tell me more of your changes! I did black coffee for like one cup. The next time I thought it would be easier but it wasn’t! So, I let myself drink coffee the way I want. But just try to be more conscious of what I eat. Just the same like u described! Funny.. 🙂

    Hope everything is great with u guys. I really enjoyed your blog!

    Victor starts daycare soon. I need the time to look for work. Also it’s free for us since our income is so low. Cicely is doing great. She has a friend over today …. Cute!

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    • I do raw veggies but just in a juice 🙂 I can’t do black coffee either so to me that says I don’t really like it. ha ha. Chocolate is one I miss. But I really want to watch the sugar thing as much as possible.

      I will try beans too. Though bread and dairy would be very hard for me to do here in the Netherlands. Its a staple to the diet and really so very good. That is why I couldn’t do the Paleo diet. You have to cut out sugar, dairy and bread. I can not – lol. At least, yet.

      Thanks for the comment Jackie! I’m glad you are finding your own healthy ways too. Also sounds like good things are going on over there! We are doing really good too. xx

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