coffee and sugar update

This is a quick post to let you know how my conscious diet is going.

The Results:

I am 8.8 pounds lighter (or 4k for the metric followers)

Sugar is no longer something I crave all the time.  I have allowed a few little bites here and there but it’s not a principle to my everyday diet.  I do not miss it like I thought I would.

I finally disconnected the association of waking up with a fresh cup of coffee.  Thank you Folgers coffee for subliminally making me believe it is a must, tagline, “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”. [see advertisement below for this Pop culture reference].

Since it is the Fall season,  I realize I will be challenged with pumpkin pies and other delicious spicy comfort foods.  I think I will explore some alternatives and bake them myself.  I’m really enjoying experimenting with honey and coconut milk.  I will say that Green juice is not an everyday thing for me.  I do tend to have bread with cheese or yogurt with my homemade granola (made with no sugar!) when I don’t have time to chop 4 kinds of veggies with a few fruits.  It’s just a bit difficult with a little one around.



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