Writing scared!

Tomorrow is the last day of the National Writing month and the scary part; I have 10,000 words left to go!  AND I’m afraid of my story.  How funny is that!

Last night I was typing away and this plot line that I had previously introduced had come back to tie some loose ends.  I have to say its a perfect story arc but I really don’t want to write it.   When I introduced the idea earlier in the story,  I wrote it and jumped right out of it as fast as I could because I was getting scared of the images coming in my mind.  It’s especially frightening because I like to write at night.  I could hear every little tiny sound in the house which did not help matters much.  I reached 40k and said, “that’s enough for now.”  Now I wonder, how the heck does Stephen King do this all the time?  I also read once that Steven Spielberg has coulrophobia, an extreme or irrational fear of clowns, which is probably why the scene in Poltergeist was particularly scary.  My husband asked, “why are you writing this then?” because it answers a few questions left hanging but also it will make the story more interesting.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t scare me.