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Well hello!  2014 is moving at a steady clip for us over here.  Hardly a moment to “stop and smell the roses” much less write.  But alas I have some time now so why not put something up to remind you all that I’m here. 🙂

Since the start of this year we’ve been renovating, selling our house and buying a new one.  Is it really April?  Oh yeah soon I will be another year older.  I still think we are in February.  All good things but also things that can cause a lot of stress and less time for each other.  Living in this house  for five years, well, I’m reflecting a lot now.  We’ve had massive amounts of change and

New Home!

New Home!

abundance:  our budding romance,  then marriage, and then a beautiful baby.  We live in a wonderful neighborhood but our house is just simply too darn small.  We will embark on moving to a new home together (first time for us) in July.  We are giddy with excitement because we get to shop for new things like a COUCH [looking forward to a burn party for the one that we have now], drapes, etc…  As my husband said the other day, “We get to be in a real grown-up house and be grown-ups!”  ha ha.  This was a mimic from me a few months back.  But really we have been living with borrowed stuff and things that don’t quite match for far too long.  We are thrilled to have a beautiful newer home that will be modern and safe for our child.  The neighborhood is quiet and filled with families.  It is wildly different than anything either of us has ever experienced in our adulthood but we are really ready for this change.


Writing scared!

Tomorrow is the last day of the National Writing month and the scary part; I have 10,000 words left to go!  AND I’m afraid of my story.  How funny is that!

Last night I was typing away and this plot line that I had previously introduced had come back to tie some loose ends.  I have to say its a perfect story arc but I really don’t want to write it.   When I introduced the idea earlier in the story,  I wrote it and jumped right out of it as fast as I could because I was getting scared of the images coming in my mind.  It’s especially frightening because I like to write at night.  I could hear every little tiny sound in the house which did not help matters much.  I reached 40k and said, “that’s enough for now.”  Now I wonder, how the heck does Stephen King do this all the time?  I also read once that Steven Spielberg has coulrophobia, an extreme or irrational fear of clowns, which is probably why the scene in Poltergeist was particularly scary.  My husband asked, “why are you writing this then?” because it answers a few questions left hanging but also it will make the story more interesting.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t scare me.

my wicked ways

*sodahead.com (photo credit)

I’m in the middle of that crazy month of writing madness.  I’m doing o.k.  I’ve been behind the target number for the last few days.  Though not all is lost. I’ve seen myself pull off some amazing feats in this contest.  For example, in a one 2-hour session, I was able to produce around 6,000 words.  This is the kind of magic that can be expected during this month.  Also what is pure magic is the novel itself.  I had a few ideas a few days before, as I mentioned in my last post. But what is happening is completely new and interesting.  This is my favorite thing about partaking in National Novel Writing Month; no matter what you think you planned for, your novel has a mind of its own.  You are merely its catalyst for coming out into the world. Wah ha ha ha!!

But with all this creative flow and energy some wicked habits have re-emerged.  I am back on coffee & sweetener.  I have about two morning cups a day.  Its only been going on for a week.  I’m so busy trying to get the “genius” out on paper during evening jam sessions that I’m exhausted.  Also pressing me is my newly emerging Toddler of close to 15 months.  Wow, she is a whole new child full of complaints and needs that are unforeseeable to me.  We will be laughing and having fun then BAM!  She is crying and throwing a fit.  Needless to say, any spare moment I have goes to reading the finer points of how to raise a child during this phase of her development.  And by the way, almost all of what I read is that you are utterly powerless.  All the tricks you learned the year before about soothing a baby absolutely do not apply to a toddler.  It’s a whole new ball game.

What has been happening as of late with her is a midnight or early morning [i.e., 2:00 a.m.] wake up cry.  This will last for hours and hours with no end in sight.  WE are not used to this at all.  We have a child who has been sleeping through the night with few interruptions since she was 2 months old.  If my husband answers the cry, he is, most times, in and out within 30 minutes.  He can lay her in the crib and walk away.  I, however, have had no such luck.  She is okay going into the bed but then she rolls over before I can make my get away and then the crying ensues.  I can only relieve her by holding her and rocking her to sleep.

Its been a tough time especially with everything that is going on here.  We’ve been in the very long process of selling our house.  It’s a tough market and definitely not a seller’s market.  This is worldwide.  So I’m sure there are many people who can relate.  The issues we’ve been hearing consistently are about our kitchen and few other things that would take a wrecking ball company to fix.  It’s not that we live in an awful place.  Quite on the contrary.  We live in a quaint two-story “townhouse” that is over a hundred years old in a very desirable neighborhood complete with a grocery store across the street [this particular convenience is handy when you run out of milk!].  Right now, buyers are as choosy as they wish.  We also enjoy this liberty when we walk through homes in the neighborhoods we would like to live.

We’ve recently had a very interested party, the next to bidding kind, walk away from buying our house.  The problems were the exact issues we have been hearing for several months from other semi-interested viewers.  We’ve talked about it for a while and we decided its time we make some of the updates.  Very soon we will be tearing this place apart with a Toddler during the holidays.  Wish us luck!

PSL..oh no you didn’t!

Fall must be here early... first Pumpkin Spice...

 Pumpkin Spice Latte @Starbucks  (Photo credit: redhotwritinghood)

Oh yes I did.  I splurged for this little comfort in a cup, Latte-o-magic, for a dessert last night when I was at the Starbucks.  The famous Pumpkin Spice Latte(PSL), that is.  I was so excited and so pumped to be having a little piece of home.  Mmmm…and then we sat down to enjoy our lattes and teas.  I take that first most precious sip….and its a NO!  All I tasted was that syrupy stuff that is the very essence of the Pumpkin Spice.  I tried hard to drink more because I knew; 1, it was breaking my conscious diet and disappointment was not what I had expected and 2, it was 4,15 euros!  I had to make this work.  In the end, I pretty much dumped out a full cup.  What I did ingest kept me up until 1:30 in the morning.  So now I’ve discovered that I have completely changed my palette by subtracting sugar and coffee.  Somewhat heartbreaking but also helpful for keeping me on track.




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